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Our Philosophy and Environment

The Amherst Preschool

Our Philosophy

The Amherst Preschool offers preschool programs for children ages three, four and five. We focus on educating the whole child – spirit, mind and body. We encourage child-led exploration, with teacher direction upon invitation. We recognize play as the foundation upon which all future academic development is built, while creating an environment which offers tools and opportunities for our students to explore and develop fundamental skills that provide the basis for life-long learning. As a part of Let’s Grow Outside NH, The Amherst Preschool offers extensive outdoor experiences exploring the twenty three acre property’s woods, trails and outdoor classrooms.

Our Environment
As a part of Let’s Grow Outside NH, TAP offers extensive outdoor experiences on our twenty three acre property. The children explore the woods, trails, two outdoor classrooms and natural playground setting for extensive time each day.

Our indoor spaces are designed for an organic experience of child led play with an environment rich in literacy, sensory experiences, science and math activities, art explorations and a variety of creative materials for the children to create with.


The Joppa Hill Farm and Forest School

Our Philosophy

The Joppa Farm and Forest School is a program for three, four, and five year old children operating completely outdoors in collaboration with the Joppa Hill Educational Farm. Using place-based and child-led play philosophy this mixed-age program develops future environmental stewards and community leaders. Incorporating child-led play, a holistic pedagogy, and both ecological and agricultural knowledge, the Joppa Farm and Forest School fosters independence, compassion, and resilience in its students in an unconventional and deeply impactful manner. 

Our Environment
Continuing the Let’s Grow Outside NH mission, the Joppa Farm and Forest School is a school without walls. Children and their leaders explore the farm property each day, developing an understanding of the important agricultural science that the animals, food, and environment of the farm offer to the community. Child-led exploration of the abutting forest and trails is an integral part of the our day, offering whole body experiences in nature as well as exploration of the forest ecosystem. A gathering tent offers the opportunity to spend time with various materials such as puzzles, manipulatives, and art experiences. Each day literacy experiences are integrated into the schedule. Imagine a story time with your peers sitting on a large log in the woods or a blanket next to the sheep pasture. This program reaches all developing senses of its students.

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