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Educator Training

Ellen Grudzien, Founder of Let's Grow Outside NH, offers adults working with children a variety of trainings with the most popular focused on classroom environment design and how to foster a child led, play focused, learning environment.  Ellen's extensive experience with space design, using the principles of play, allow her to see a space from both a teacher, parent and child's point of view.   

To invite Ellen to tour your program, provide training and work with your staff on classroom design and aesthetics, please use the contact info:


Fees will be determined after consultation

Trainings at your site: 

Is it hurting anyone?  Is it hurting anything? 

Helping adults who work with children understand when to step in...or out of a struggle.

Children have a keen sense of right and wrong, and often this talent goes unnoticed by adults who step in to solve a conflict too soon.  In this training, we dive into the idea that children learn best by trusting their instinct, solving conflict on their own and preserving to accomplish a task.   

Approximately 2.5 hours 

Cost: $400 + travel

YOGA as apart of an SEL curriculum

This training is a hands on YOGA class designed by Ellen with the help of her Child Light YOGA certification.  Routines, songs, stories and traditions will be shared that you can take back to your classroom as resources to help build empathy, relationships and assist with regulation in the classroom.

Approximately 2.5 hours


$400 + travel

Outside is the Best Side

Let's Grow Outside NH was founded with the mission of educating teacher, parents and caregivers of the advantages of extensive outdoor play.  In this training, participants will learn the outdoor play benefits to the body, the heart and the mind!  Resources will include ideas of how to extend outdoor play, playground  designs that help with a smoother transition from inside to outside as well as articles, books and research you can bring back to parents and administrators.

Approximately 3 hours (can be broken into two sessions)

Cost: $500 + travel

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